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What to expect?

Scared for what may lie ahead? Curious about what could you encounter in the monthly newsletter?

Below you will find a short selection ranging from micro-biology, to epic poems and technological feats. Including rare discoveries and undiscoverd arts...

  • I once had waffles, pickles and fried chicken at the same time, but never in the same burger. Now I'm hungry, this is perfect hangover food!
  • A recipe for flies and frogs.
  • For many living artists, meanwhile, the fact that their work might be stored away in a climate-controlled bunker has become part of the reality of doing business.
  • A plane house in Libanon.
  • Mathekniticians are amazing creators.
  • Don't want to use the left part of your brain when talking? Whistle!
  • On why Europe will eat halal.
  • Earth sidewards.
  • How flamin' hot cheetos were invented.
  • The Machine, a thought experiment to save the world.

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