FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

I don't get it, what are all these curious corners?
Curious corners are what we describe as interesting things from the web you might not have heard about. And we share them every month through this newsletter.
Who is the `we` I'm reading about?
That will be Joost & Kees! We started this newsletter because we wanted to share the things we find with our friends.
Are you using my email for anything else beside this newsletter?
No. You only subscribed to the newsletter, so nothing else!
Can I read all the previous editions?
This is hard to answer, due to the fact that we switched email-providers and didn't take our archives with us. You can buy our book that includes most of things we saved!
Don't see your question answered here?
Contact us at: jsplattel@gmail.com and send us your question and we will try our best to answer it as soon as possible!