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Wondering what other people say?
The only newsletter I read ~ Jelle Akkerman
A Field Guide to getting lost on the web ~ A passer-by
Ever get lost on the web? This makes me think about exploring the web, reading other books and listening to different podcasts ~ Peter Joosten
What to expect?

Scared for what may lie ahead? Curious about what could you encounter in the monthly newsletter?

Below you will find a short selection ranging from micro-biology, to epic poems, and technological feats. Including rare discoveries and undiscoverd arts...

Using caravans as working places?
Mesh companies, based on cognitive surplus, quasi-moonlighting is one way the Hyperloop could be build.
The secret language of coats made from salmon skin.
Shanty mega-structures.
Algorithms working on algorithms...
The bad-ass librarians of Timbuktu.
Can books save us from what digital does to our brains? Or maybe this newsletter? :D
If you've seen the Matrix trilogy, you might have wondered how the ending might have been.
A phone booth somewhere in the Mojave Desert. (Thanks Mike!)
Each line, one breath.

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